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Undoubtedly under the current economic climate privatizations will play an important role in the Greek business community.

A new legislative regime has been introduced with the setting up of the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund. Any assets of the Greek State to be developed or sold have been transferred to the Fund aiming to speediest procedures for the sale thereof. This development has been welcomed by the business community.

Your Legal Partners has been well positioned in the area working already in an ambitious privatization programme initiated by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund.

Privatization of Regional Airports

Acting (in a consortium with Dracopoulos & Vassalakis Law Firm) for the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund in relation to the privatization of the regional airport sector in Greece. Such portfolio consists of 37 airports.

Privatization of Hellenic Sugar Industry

Acting for major private investor in his participation for the privatization of Greek Sugar Industry tender.

Privatization of Olympic Airways Ground handling services

Acting for Goldair Handling S.A, a major ground-handler in Greece in the bidding process for acquiring the ground handling operation of Olympic Airways Services. During our involvement we reviewed and commented on the draft Share Purchase and Shareholders Agreement and advised on anti –trust issues as well as the tender procedure.

Privatization of Gas Production Companies PPP

We have represented a private investor over its participation in public tenders in connection with the privatization of the Natural Gas Companies of Athens, Thessaloniki and Thessalia under establishment. We were actively involved on behalf of the private investor in the negotiation with the Public Gas Company (DEPA) of the tender documents and suggested amendments to the above noted documentation as well as to the existing draft regulatory regime.